Treat the Condition at Home

Paronychia is an infection in and around the area of the nail; it affects the skin around the nail, not the nail itself. However, if the infection goes untreated for a long period of time the nail itself could become infected. This disease affects both the nails on the feet and the hands.

Paronychia can be caused from bacteria, fungus, or yeast. It displays itself as a swollen red area around the nail at the base. This infection is actually a common infection and many people don’t even know they have it. However, the chance of contracting this infection is increased in people who do the following:Dermatophagia Paronychia Treatment

Bite or Chew on their nails
Picking the skin
Constantly have wet hands

The good thing about this infection is depending upon the type of infection you got; you may be able to treat it at home and never need to go see a doctor.

“Soak at Home” – Fighting Infection Method

It is possible that you contracted the infection via a bacterial which would now be considered a bacterial infection. If this is the case (depending upon how far along the infection is) you may be able to soak the infected area in a warm water/antibacterial solution.

To do this you would just need to find an “Anti-Bacterial” hand soap or solution and mix it with warm water, make each part 50/50. In this case half of the container would be warm water and the other half would be anti-bacterial solution. Soak the infected area in this solution three to four times a day for about 15 minutes at a time.

Now, this really will only help combat the disease if it is a bacterial infection, however mixing warm water with salt will help any type of infection (even if fungal) to decrease the swelling around the nail.

“Rub it on” – Topical Ointments and Creams for Fungus Infection

Now if you contracted the infection from a fungus and developed a fungal infection the “at home treatment” options are a bit different. Not only are the treatment option different but it also requires a longer healing time.

1231 Paronychia TreatmentSince you are going to be fighting a fungal infection you will have to buy an OTC (over the counter) anti-fungal ointment or cream. You will need to follow the direction on the cream as different creams will require different application times and things of that nature.

One thing to remember is if you have developed a fungal infection it takes months for a fungal infection to be completely healed up, so make sure you are aware of this and don’t get discouraged if there is no clear change in a couple days.

These are just some of the “paronychia teatment” options available. You should always take into consideration your particular circumstances as “at home treatments” are not always the best options and depending upon the severity of the infection you should always consult with a licensed medical professional.

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